Core Technology

GritGene is geared assisting people with digital content creation needs; its mission is to deliver a convenient creation experience to creators and satisfy a wide range of sapplications, including entertainment content and economic digitization.

Ray Tracing & Path Tracing

Realtime film-quality visuals is possible with GritGene. Choose to use raytraced techniques such as global illumination, reflections, refraction, ambient occlusion or shadows in order to achieve the most accurate effects. Go beyond limits and use the path tracing support to achieve offline rendering quality in your final output with short render times.

Real-time ray tracing

The current pace at which the industry is developing allows us to constantly break the upper limit of real-time graphics technology, which can be exemplified by our application of ray tracing technology.

Participate in the beta version

After R&D and internal use, GritGene will conduct internal beta testing, followed by a limited beta test. If you would like to participate in the limited beta test, please click the button below to apply.


Film and TV animation

GritWorld is collaborating with Sparkly Key Animation Studio to produce an animated work titled "GhostBlade" using GritGene, a self-developed engine.

Ghost blade

Design Flow