• GritWorld is a next-generation computer graphics engine technology provider.

  • Our core product is the next-generation computer graphics rendering engine - GritGene, which comes in two versions - the cloud version and mobile version. It provides digital engine tools and technologies for rendering graphics and human-computer interaction for digital work, digital life and digital entertainment in what is referred to as the 4th industrial revolution.

  • What we do?

    GritWorld is developing GritGene, which is its 3rd generation dual-engine-driven graphics engine. It can be widely applied in film and TV animation, Smart city and data visualization, commercial real estate, digital advertising, mixed-reality digital content creation, digital entertainment, etc.

  • Mission and Vision

    We are committed to promoting the 3rd generation of graphics engine technology. Our technology features seamless integration between game and non-game fields, cross-domain data exchange and digital asset sharing, joint computing between the user-end and the cloud and offers full participation in the creation of digital content.

  • Company culture

    Meticulous and caring
    Brave and honest
    Seeks truth from facts
    Internal promotion


Founded in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Established Guangzhou branch of GritWorld
Established GritWorld (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd.
December 2018
GritWorld received tens of millions in the A round for funding; Linear Capital led the investment, and Jiangmen Ventures followed the investment
December 2019
GritWorld received A+ round for funding, with C Ventures leading the investment, Hillhouse Capital and Linear Capital following the investment
July 2020
GritWorld won the A3 round of investment from Poly Capital and Wuxi Finance Capital
Completed first phase testing for the beta version of GritGene's engine product