About GritWorld

GritWorld is a next-generation computer graphics engine technology provider.

Our core product is a next-generation computer graphics rendering engine known as GritGene, which also has a cloud version and mobile version. GritGene provides digital engine tools and technologies for rendering graphics and human-computer interactions for digital work, digital life and digital entertainment in what is referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Core Products

GritGene a 3rd generation graphics engine.
The GritGene for Cloud provides convenient, high-definition, video-level rendering and editing tools for film and TV animation, commercial real estate, digital advertising and other fields.
The GritGene for mobile offers rendering and interactive tools for XR mixed reality applications that are interactive, lightweight, low-power and low-threshold.
The architecture of this 3rd generation graphics dual-engine-driven (GritGene cloud/PC version and the mobile version) breaks the barrier that divides gaming and non-gaming content. It provides user-end to cloud combined digital rendering, interactive algorithms and tools for digital work, digital life and digital entertainment.